Fly-In Bookings Already Up 30%

AeroExpo UK at Sywell

With registration having been open for 2 months, visiting pilot numbers are currently up +30% on last years total with the same amount of time to go until the doors open for AeroExpo UK. Many pilots flying in to the show are benefiting from automatically getting Free Enrtry to the exhibition for themselves and their passengers.

There's never been an easier time to select your flying in slot, with responsibility of fly-in slot selections having been transferred over to Sywell Aerodrome ATC direct.

Avoid disappointment and don't miss out on selecting your preferred time of arrival at this year's AeroExpo UK event, to take place 25-27th May 2012.

Please note: Visiting pilots will still be required to pay a landing fee to the Aerodrome.

Flying-In Changes

AeroExpo UK at Sywell

Flying-in slot bookings have now been passed over to Sywell Aerodrome ATC for 2012. All pilots wishing to reserve a flying-in slot for AeroExpo UK can now do so by booking direct through the Sywell Aerodrome website.

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